Episode 23 Ken Taylor  “Creme on the Cake”

Episode 23 Ken Taylor “Creme on the Cake”


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Episode 23 gets to the point pretty damn fast, the episode is all about the interview with Australian illustrator designer Ken Taylor. Ken is known for having a strong body of poster work for the movie, music and art gallery world. He’s a regular listener to the show, and president of the Australian Circle of Trust, making him fit right into the conversation with Mark and Billy. Over the span of a 100 minutes the boys cover: How Ken Taylor got his start in Australia and eventually became a well known name in the US poster scene, debate the difference between designing music, movie and art posters, Ken talks about his process and getting lost in the details while working, the amount of time he spends making these pieces, properly pricing jobs, negotiating with clients and Ken even talks about buying and trading posters at Flatstock in Austin, Texas and lastly what posters he has hanging on his own walls at home.


AID22 Cast & Credits

Hero Design Studio - Mark Brickey;  hosting, editing and packaging the show.

Delicious Design League - Billy Baumann; co-hosting and graphics.

Ken TaylorThanks to Ken for being our guest and best shop talk mate. This guys is no cunt.

James Flames - James Flames; for mastering and mixing the episode, AND for being Billy’s betting rival.

MightyDeals.com – For sponsoring this episode and providing all of us with the proper resources to get the job done fast.

WMC Fest - For sponsoring the show and having AID perform LIVE at this year’s festival. Don’t forget AID’s very own Mark Brickey will be the MC on the main stage this year!

The French Paper Company - For sponsoring the show and giving us all the best weapon in the war on wall art.

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