Episode 30 “XXX”


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AID XXX is cumming your way! This is our filthiest, raunchiest episode yet. We talk about jerkin’ it, discuss porn preferences, and visualize those wide-angle money-shots in our thirtieth episode of Adventures in Design. This invasive and provocatively bold episode is like none like we’ve ever had before. We promise that it will get your creative juices flowing (though, we make no apologies for any other juices). Billy shares his experiences with accidental porn at work, and we discover Mark’s pavlovian reaction to sexually explicit materials. Is James Flames wearing pants? (We’ll never tell.)

From across the pond, we are so pleased to welcome our friend, Matt Taylor, feather hat and all. We talk design, clients, and the WWF. (You know, wrestling. The real stuff. Not some animal bullshit.)
We’re so excited to be back in the studio that we just don’t want this episode to ever end. The musk is seeping through the airwaves. Join us for an extended listen of our “dirty thirty” episode. Have your tissues on standby, AID XXX is going to blow you…away.



AID30 Cast & Credits

Hero Design Studio - Mark Brickey;  hosting, editing and packaging the show.

Delicious Design League - Billy Baumann; co-hosting and graphics.

James Flames - James Flames; on air producer, mastering and mixing the episode.

Matt Taylor - A positive guy with a lot of negative space.

The French Paper Company - For sponsoring the show and giving us all the best weapon in the war on wall art.

Jakprints - The official official printer of The Circle of Trust

Printed-Matters - Andy Rench for creating this website.

Soundtrack  - Is available on Spotify.